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Mr. McNeill

When I opened my book, I already had a preconceived notion that this book was for women. I mean, it was written by a strong black woman who loves to empower women. But, as I was sharing a page from the book with a female friend who I thought would be interested in it I quickly learned that this book IS FOR ME! I couldn’t put it down! The level of detail and the way her words engaged with me through the pages was life changing! This book is one for everyone. To every man… THIS BOOK IS FOR US TOO!

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I love the book, and I am so inspired that my Councilwoman wrote such a profound, raw, yet uplifting book!

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Shakeyla’s leadership helps me not question if my efforts will ever be "good enough". I want to thank Shakeyla for being a vulnerable and open role-model.

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While reading Intentionally Here, I was floored by how many things I found applicable to my life. What I loved most was that I feel like this is a message each my daughters to read.

I pray that you read this with an open mind and get a deeper understanding of yourself.

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I finished the book, and I thought it was great! She did an amazing job breaking down some life lessons that took me most of my 52 years to learn. l've been following her City Council career since her first campaign. I appreciate how poised she is and how she’s able to keep the issues at hand even when there's a disagreement or discussions get off track.

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I opened this book to support my friend. I purchased this book and proudly shared my experience with others to encourage them to make a purchase because of the words inside. This book is truly eye opening and causes much needed self reflection.

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Empowering others to intentionally show up…

Shakeyla M. Ingram

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Motivational Speaker - Author - Coach

Shakeyla M. Ingram is a multifaceted professional, with expertise in motivational speaking, leadership, and small business coaching. As a vocal advocate for social justice, Shakeyla is committed to using her platform to promote positive change and empower minority, higher education, behavioral health related, and underrepresented communities.

As a former elected official, Shakeyla has established herself as a respected leader who stands up for what is right and champions the needs of her constituents.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Shakeyla is a published author of the memoir "Intentionally Here: Here's What Happens When You Show Up for Yourself" and the coloring book "A Very Intentional Coloring Book" with variations for adults and youth.

"Intentionally Here" is an intimate and exhilarating memoir that takes readers on Shakeyla's heartfelt journey of discovery, as she learns about the transformative power of intentionality at the age of 30. From her exciting highs of meeting Oprah Winfrey and working on a Shonda Rhymes TV show at Paramount Studios, to her battles with bipolar depression and her struggles as the youngest serving member of her local government in the midst of a global pandemic, Shakeyla shares her experiences with vulnerability and authenticity.